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design They really, really like huge background images and animating GIFs. They don't have any concept of how other peoples' browsers might be configured. They don't realize that some colors don't go with other colors. They're design losers.

Talia May 11 2003 (design)
2l award Maybe we should start over with our FIRST WEB DESIGN LESSON: GIF vs. JPEG.

Fantine May 11 2003 (design)
3l award We got BORED waiting for the SPLASH screen to LOAD.

Samantha February 15 2003 (design)
3l award You people and your stupid POPUP NAVIGATORS. What is WRONG WITH YOU?

Dave February 15 2003 (design)
4l award The thinking here is: Trying WAY TOO HARD.

Sharon February 15 2003 (design)
1l award The huge "INSIDE MY HEAD" button just makes us LAUGH.

? February 15 2003 (design)
4l award We'd SAY something, but we can't read a GODDAMN THING on this Web page.

Bartholomew December 02 2002 (design)
3l award Thanks for the PAINFUL ANIMATIONS.

? December 02 2002 (design)
4l award With so many CATEGORIES, sometimes it's hard to choose JUST ONE.

Jodi December 02 2002 (design)
3l award We particularly like how she illustrated her WORDS with PICTURES. As if her intended audience were in SIXTH GRADE.

Tiffany October 07 2002 (design)
3l award This site should come with an EPILEPSY WARNING.

Nate September 01 2002 (design)
3l award Yeah, we have NOTHING BETTER TO DO.

Kat September 01 2002 (design)
4l award Someone need to learn something about LEGIBILITY.

Kristin September 01 2002 (design)
2l award Less COLOR, more CONTENT.

Kate July 07 2002 (design)
3l award Yes, folks, it's what you've been WAITING FOR! It's the PLAID PAGE!

Fehmi July 07 2002 (design)
3l award UH. OKAY.

Cisco July 07 2002 (design)
4l award Here's some PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Advertising your WEB DESIGN "COMPANY" doesn't work very well when you're using a FREE WEB HOSTING SERVICE.

Rick March 13 2002 (design)
3l award Watch who you're calling MAGGOT, bub.

Scott March 13 2002 (design)
2l award Yay, we're navigating by TOTALLY MEANINGLESS PICTURES!

? January 22 2002 (design)
3l award OKAY, lady, we get the STARS IN THE BACKGROUND theme already.

Chris January 08 2002 (design)
3l award Okay, someone needs to take a WEB DESIGN CLASS or something.

Clifton January 08 2002 (design)
3l award BROKEN.

"Grazer" December 17 2001 (design)
1l award Actually, we don't see what the PROBLEM is.

Christopher December 07 2001 (design)
2l award BRIGHT red and SKY BLUE. HURRAY.

Christopher November 10 2001 (design)
2l award Don't you think you're OVERDOING it a bit, BUB? It's just a PAGE.

Bill November 10 2001 (design)
3l award Nice PRIMARY COLORS.

Megan & Becca July 29 2001 (design)
3l award Fewer DANCING GORILLAS, please.

Jason July 29 2001 (design)
2l award SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Viewering this PAGE has been known to cause BLINDNESS, NAUSEA, and BIRTH DEFECTS.

Jo July 21 2001 (design)
2l award TOMB RAIDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1414 2556879

? July 21 2001 (design)
3l award Please stop SHAKING my BROWSER.

"Tilly" July 21 2001 (design)
2l award Here's an OLD FAVORITE: "TILLYMONSTER."

Melanie July 05 2001 (design)
3l award DINOGIRL!

Nina June 03 2001 (design)
2l award We vote NO.

Evan May 13 2001 (design)
3l award CONGRATULATIONS. You LOSE the USEFUL contest.

Becca May 04 2001 (design)
1l award We see a RUBBER DUCKY.

Nokomis April 14 2001 (design)
1l award EH.

"Davr" April 14 2001 (design)
3l award WOW. What he needs is more PINK ANIMATING CRAP.

Jennifer April 14 2001 (design)
2l award Why do people think that EVERY "CLEVER" Web page has to start with a set of DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS?

"Jeva" April 14 2001 (design)
4l award Yes. JEVA, JEVA, JEVA. We GET IT already.

Darryl March 12 2001 (design)
3l award Wonders of blinking, animating, ASCII art, and JEVA. (We don't know EITHER.)

Katie March 01 2001 (design)
3l award See, that's not RIGHT. That just HURTS our EYES.

"Kat" March 01 2001 (design)
3l award The combination of KORN and ANIMATING CRAP is truly AWE-INSPIRING.

Pammie March 01 2001 (design)
2l award Pammie likes FRAMES. LOTS of little FRAMES.

Brian & Julia February 18 2001 (design)
3l award BRAVO. Here's a MEDAL.

Nicholas February 18 2001 (design)
3l award We're DISAPPOINTED, to say the LEAST.

Gordon February 18 2001 (design)
2l award You may note that the DOMAIN NAME starts with WHORE.

"Auraj" February 05 2001 (design)
2l award Hurray for EVERYTHING.

Masha February 05 2001 (design)
3l award Good LORD, what has she DONE?

Shayla February 05 2001 (design)
3l award All pictures CREATED or MODIFIED by her, huh? Not really something to be PROUD OF.

Barrington January 24 2001 (design)
3l award What he needs is more ANIMATING GARBAGE.

Seol January 07 2001 (design)
3l award Hey, GOOD FOR YOU.

Rivka December 28 2000 (design)
2l award BLEAH.

? December 24 2000 (design)
3l award We give it a D: Not nearly enough CRAP.

Ben November 28 2000 (design)
2l award Someone shouldn't be let near CRAYONS.

? November 12 2000 (design)
1l award GREAT.

? November 11 2000 (design)
3l award Nice CLOWNS.

Holly November 08 2000 (design)
2l award SQUINTING ... SQUINTING ... clicking the BACK BUTTON ...

Tyler November 01 2000 (design)
3l award It could STAY "coming soon."

? October 23 2000 (design)
3l award VALIUM. VALIUM, please.

Alex October 23 2000 (design)
3l award WHAT THE

? October 22 2000 (design)
4l award What the hell is THIS?

Kelly October 14 2000 (design)
1l award I hope KELLI'S MIND isn't this DISORGANIZED.

Andy October 02 2000 (design)
2l award TOILET.

Kara & Emily October 02 2000 (design)
3l award The love M&Ms. Yes, the CANDY.

? September 30 2000 (design)
3l award BLEAH.

Noelle September 27 2000 (design)
3l award Yeah, those colors go GREAT together.

Ian August 31 2000 (design)
1l award How own WEB DESIGN COMPANY, hmm?

Benjamin July 30 2000 (design)
3l award Nice GOING, bub.

"Gizmokid" July 19 2000 (design)
2l award Now THAT'S design.

Chresta July 05 2000 (design)
1l award LORDY.

Brendan July 05 2000 (design)
2l award Could you use MORE TABLES?

Leslie July 03 2000 (design)
3l award Hope you didn't need your EYES too badly.

Amarantha July 03 2000 (design)
3l award TRY AGAIN.

? June 12 2000 (design)
4l award Holy SHIT! Whose idea was THAT?

Sarah June 01 2000 (design)
2l award OUCH. OUCH. OUCH.

Valerie June 01 2000 (design)
3l award It's SIMPLE. USELESS, but SIMPLE.

Darrin June 01 2000 (design)
3l award WOW. That's pretty IMPRESSIVELY bad.

Kayla May 02 2000 (design)
2l award Well, that's just EXCELLENT.

Andy May 02 2000 (design)
3l award Nice BACKGROUND, bub.

? May 02 2000 (design)
2l award Hope you didn't NEED your EYES ...

Norma April 18 2000 (design)
3l award That ought to win some kind of AWARD or something.

Howard April 18 2000 (design)
2l award WOW.

Jason April 18 2000 (design)
2l award Well, that's just GRAND.

"Heat" April 07 2000 (design)
3l award Is there any particular reason you're making us SQUINT?

Neal March 16 2000 (design)
3l award Wonderful. NEXT?

? March 16 2000 (design)
3l award It's a page of CRAP all right.

Kenny March 15 2000 (design)
2l award Another TRIBUTE to MEDIOCRITY.

Helen March 11 2000 (design)
2l award Nice COLOR SCHEME, DARLIN'.

? March 07 2000 (design)
2l award Do not pass GO. Do not collect ANYTHING.

Brian March 06 2000 (design)
2l award Hey, DEAD FISH, that's GREAT. Keep TRYING.

? March 06 2000 (design)
4l award It HURTS TOO MUCH to even look at it long enough to see WHO DID IT.

Maya March 06 2000 (design)
2l award Totally INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

Aimee February 25 2000 (design)
2l award Yeah, that's LOVELY.

Carrie February 25 2000 (design)
2l award Yeah, your HOMEPAGE sure is "KEWL."

Mindy February 25 2000 (design)
2l award Another WINNER.

Scott February 20 2000 (design)

Vahid February 20 2000 (design)
2l award GEE, that's LOVELY.

John February 13 2000 (design)
3l award He apparently just DISCOVERED the ANNOYING things you can do with a WEB BROWSER.

? February 10 2000 (design)

Simon February 09 2000 (design)
2l award Uh, OKAY.

Milke February 09 2000 (design)
2l award Lovely LAYOUT.

Lotta February 08 2000 (design)
3l award WHAT THE

Justin February 08 2000 (design)
2l award He needs to ERASE THIS and START OVER.

Jen February 08 2000 (design)
3l award How does she expect ANYONE to be able to read ANYTHING?

Chris February 08 2000 (design)
2l award Well, at least he admits he's CRAPPY.

Sean January 29 2000 (design)
2l award Hurray! Let's play the GUESS WHERE TO CLICK game!

Kassie January 28 2000 (design)
3l award Could she make it HARDER to read ANYTHING?

? January 28 2000 (design)
4l award HOLY

Jon January 23 2000 (design)
2l award Lovely INTRODUCTORY PAGE.

Keith January 18 2000 (design)
1l award It could be WORSE, we supopse.

Andy January 18 2000 (design)
2l award More of the SAME.

Jaci January 18 2000 (design)
3l award This page should have a SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING.

Rob January 09 2000 (design)
4l award WHAT THE

Bruna January 09 2000 (design)
3l award Thanks for BLINDING us.

Thomas January 09 2000 (design)

Betzman December 30 1999 (design)
2l award Thanks for the LOVELY BACKGROUNDS.

Josh December 30 1999 (design)
3l award And thank YOU for the obnoxious POPUPS.

Nikki December 30 1999 (design)
2l award Aren't these ANGSTY GIRLS so CUTE?

Brian December 26 1999 (design)
2l award Hey, that's GREAT.

"LSDiamond" December 20 1999 (design)
3l award Isn't looking at a computer monitor HARD ENOUGH on the eyes?

"Phalliqua" December 20 1999 (design)
4l award Think you got enough CRAP on your page?

"Gumpy" December 19 1999 (design)
3l award Okay, PAL.

Mark November 28 1999 (design)
4l award WARNING: Clinical evidence shows that this Web page induces SEIZURES and VOMITING.

Danny November 28 1999 (design)
2l award EXPLORE a little to find the PAINFUL BACKGROUNDS.

Jessica November 20 1999 (design)
3l award Bright colors can be acceptable -- IN MODERATION.

Ryker November 20 1999 (design)
4l award Think your background BLINKS ENOUGH there, sport?

Daniel November 20 1999 (design)
2l award Despite the rest of it, apparently he really likes BLUE BACKGROUNDS.

Timothy November 07 1999 (design)
3l award PSST. It's hard to see the LINKS when everything's UNDERLINED.

"Mayo" October 26 1999 (design)
2l award Got COLORS?

Michael September 01 1999 (design)
1l award He's a WEB DESIGNER, you see.

"Bnib" July 24 1999 (design)
2l award Nice COLORS, bub.

"Durst" July 24 1999 (design)
2l award Where IS everything?

Sam July 24 1999 (design)
2l award Another "WEB DESIGNER" who thinks MORE is BETTER.

Terje July 03 1999 (design)
1l award As if offering pictures you've taken on your homepage makes you a WEB DESIGNER.

"Superpants" March 26 1999 (design)
3l award SAY it, don't SPRAY IT.

Derek March 14 1999 (design)

Rick January 26 1999 (design)
2l award He likes BLUE, we SUPPOSE.

Megan December 12 1998 (design)
2l award You think you have enough USELESS ICONS?

? July 18 1998 (design)
3l award The SKULLS ain't helpin', bub.

? June 14 1998 (design)
2l award Are you TRYING to make your page HARD TO READ?

Kelly & Cindy November 17 1997 (design)
2l award One useless image after another.

Wendy October 26 1997 (design)
2l award We see "Kids' FAQs about Snakes." Coupled with the obnoxious colors, big font, and distracting background, we have a winner.

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