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journalists They keep journals, and put them online for everyone to read. They imagine that what happens to their own boring lives is relevant and important and interesting to everyone else on the planet. They don't realize how goofy they look. They're journalists.

Devin May 11 2003 (journalists)
3l award DEVINstation? GET IT? Sounds like DEVAstation, but starts with DEVIN? HURF DURF

Gary February 15 2003 (journalists)
3l award Well, sometimes it needs to be said, but still: YAWN.

Bonnie February 15 2003 (journalists)
2l award Okay, it's called "EMPURPLE." Does that mean related to the process of BRUISING or WHAT?

"Bluegirl" December 02 2002 (journalists)
2l award She's BLUE !!!!! And has a WEB LOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralf October 07 2002 (journalists)
2l award He doesn't COLLECT INFO or SEND SPAM. Well, GOOD.

Chandler October 07 2002 (journalists)
3l award An EXCITING, rip-roaring ROLLER COASTER ride of a BLOG.

Sean & Mike September 01 2002 (journalists)

"Emu" September 01 2002 (journalists)
3l award Another LAST-PLACE finisher in the BLOG TRYOUTS.

Stephanie September 01 2002 (journalists)
1l award Actually, we kind of LIKE it. But don't TELL.

Garreth September 01 2002 (journalists)
3l award It's VITALLY IMPORTANT that we keep ABREAST of this guy's ACTIVITIES.

Jasen September 01 2002 (journalists)
3l award Life as a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD.

Sean July 07 2002 (journalists)
2l award HIGH SCHOOL kids and their LIVES.

Nina July 07 2002 (journalists)
3l award POETRY, DREAMS, QUOTES -- does it get any BETTER than THIS?

Tyler May 13 2002 (journalists)
3l award Okay KID, take your RITALIN.

Cass May 13 2002 (journalists)
2l award ANIME. Enough SAID.

Steven May 01 2002 (journalists)
3l award ANGST, free from SPELLING ERRORS. What more could you ASK for?

Ariel May 01 2002 (journalists)
1l award BLAH.

Ayan March 13 2002 (journalists)
3l award Okay, THIS ONE not only writes about her life in a WEB LOG, but writes about herself in the THIRD PERSON. That's not a GOOD SIGN, is it?

Pamela February 21 2002 (journalists)

Josh February 21 2002 (journalists)
2l award Anther WINNER, casting out his LIFE to the WORLD.

Beth February 21 2002 (journalists)
2l award After a WHILE, they all start looking the SAME.

BJ February 06 2002 (journalists)
2l award In SO MANY WAYS, sir, we DON'T want to KNOW.

Andrew February 06 2002 (journalists)
3l award One has to WONDER about people that REFER to themselves in the THIRD PERSON -- and with a CODENAME, no less.

Daive January 08 2002 (journalists)
3l award Yet another SELF-ABSORBED BLOGGER.

"Idgaf" December 07 2001 (journalists)
3l award He apparently has a very DOTING MOTHER.

Alexis December 07 2001 (journalists)
3l award Writing her journal FORCES her into INTERESTING SITUATIONS. Hmm.

Melanie December 07 2001 (journalists)

Tim November 10 2001 (journalists)
3l award He describes HIMSELF as a "false IDOL of MEGALOMANIA." That CAN'T be HEALTHY.

Ivana November 10 2001 (journalists)
3l award She was BORED one day, and so she started a WEB LOG. Isn't that what pretty much ALL of them do?

Marc November 10 2001 (journalists)
2l award What an EXCITING LIFE he LEADS.

Cain November 10 2001 (journalists)
2l award We mean, REALLY. What kind of LOSER nominates HIMSELF?

? September 06 2001 (journalists)
2l award HALLEY?

"Ace" July 29 2001 (journalists)
2l award AS IF.

Emily July 29 2001 (journalists)
3l award She's a MILK CHUGGER. No, we're not sure what that means EITHER.

Hayley July 21 2001 (journalists)
2l award A girl with a WEB CAM. And TAN LINES. No, not THOSE.

Joel July 21 2001 (journalists)
3l award He said "NONSENSICAL INTERLUDES." That's worth ONE L right THERE.

B.J. July 21 2001 (journalists)
3l award ERASURE! No, not the BAND.

Andrew July 21 2001 (journalists)
3l award Another VOICE, cast into the DARKNESS. FAAAAAAAAAAART

Leigh July 21 2001 (journalists)
3l award More YAPPY than a YAP FACTORY.

Eric July 05 2001 (journalists)
3l award LISA LOEB

"Ale'" July 05 2001 (journalists)
2l award BO-RING.

Anthony June 03 2001 (journalists)
3l award All about HIS EXCITING LIFE.

Nathan May 13 2001 (journalists)
3l award Good, honest, BORING.

Alysia May 13 2001 (journalists)
2l award She couldn't even come up with an original JOURNAL name.

Caitlin May 04 2001 (journalists)

Scott May 04 2001 (journalists)
3l award Meet MR. YAPPY. MR. YAPPY, here's EVERYONE.

Michelle April 14 2001 (journalists)
3l award Another GIRL and her SOAPBOX for WHINING.

Britt April 14 2001 (journalists)
2l award More CRAPPITUDE.

? March 12 2001 (journalists)
3l award Um. OKAY. He LOST us.

Amanda March 12 2001 (journalists)
3l award Another GIRL, another DIARY.

? March 01 2001 (journalists)
1l award Just BLAH.

Hallenbeck March 01 2001 (journalists)
2l award Poetry: Uh, OKAY. Harp music: WHAT?

Ian February 18 2001 (journalists)
3l award Please, TELL us about your ANGSTY LITTLE LIFE.

Tania February 05 2001 (journalists)
1l award ANGSTY's a word, RIGHT?

"Monkeypuff" January 11 2001 (journalists)
3l award YEAH. Oooh, BOY!

Meghan January 07 2001 (journalists)
2l award A GIRL and her WRITING.

? December 28 2000 (journalists)
3l award WHAT?

Catherine December 24 2000 (journalists)
2l award DARE TO DREAM

Wesley December 24 2000 (journalists)
2l award THANKS for the MEMORIES.

Marie December 17 2000 (journalists)
1l award It's her ... DIARY. ANOTHER one.

? December 17 2000 (journalists)

Ryan November 28 2000 (journalists)
1l award He's not even from WYOMING? We feel CHEATED.

"Stone" November 01 2000 (journalists)
2l award EARTH to STONE: No one CARES.

Angel October 23 2000 (journalists)
3l award Thanks for the DIARY, ANGEL.

"Globetwatter" October 14 2000 (journalists)
2l award BLAH, a long pause, followed by more BLAH.

"Celestial" October 07 2000 (journalists)
2l award Nice ALIAS.

Donna October 07 2000 (journalists)

"Monstre" September 27 2000 (journalists)
3l award Isn't she CLEVER?

"Plum" August 31 2000 (journalists)
3l award LOVELY.

Dan August 31 2000 (journalists)
2l award Glad we could get the PLAY-BY-PLAY on this guy's LIFE.

Dawn August 31 2000 (journalists)
3l award YAPPING in BLUE on a BLACK background.

Matt August 31 2000 (journalists)
2l award Another GUY who thinks WE CARE.

Matthew August 13 2000 (journalists)
3l award Yet another EXCITING LIFE.

Linsday July 30 2000 (journalists)
2l award Nice CHOICE OF COLORS.

Tracy July 23 2000 (journalists)

Katie July 19 2000 (journalists)
3l award Yet another GIRL who thinks she's the CENTER OF THE WORLD.

H.J. July 15 2000 (journalists)
2l award Yet another POOR SOUL who figures that WE CARE.

April July 10 2000 (journalists)
2l award GOOD LORD.

Jenn July 10 2000 (journalists)
3l award Pink is HEADACHE.

Jen July 10 2000 (journalists)
2l award GAKKKKKK

Jason July 08 2000 (journalists)
2l award Uh. Okay.

Sarah July 05 2000 (journalists)
2l award What is a TASTY PIRATE? More IMPORTANTLY, do we REALLY want to KNOW?

Justin June 12 2000 (journalists)
2l award BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Alan June 01 2000 (journalists)
1l award Let's hear it for a NERD'S DIARY.

"Neeko" May 02 2000 (journalists)
1l award Thank GOD! Lord knows what this world needs is another ONLINE DIARY.

Jon April 18 2000 (journalists)
3l award Like anyone CARES, bub.

Jackie April 18 2000 (journalists)
3l award SHUT. UP.

Christie April 18 2000 (journalists)
3l award If it's an INTERNAL MONOLOGUE how come it's on a WEB SITE?

"Goggles" April 07 2000 (journalists)
2l award itchhiker's Guide to BOREDOM.

Lindsay April 07 2000 (journalists)
2l award UH. OKAY.

Mary April 07 2000 (journalists)
2l award TOURBUSES and TOURGUIDING! Wonderful.

Carl March 22 2000 (journalists)
2l award Thanks for the UPDATES on your LIFE, bub.

"Emlyn" March 22 2000 (journalists)
2l award Yay for STORIES about PAST RELATIONSHIPS.

Dave March 16 2000 (journalists)
2l award Thanks for the WEB CAM to go along with the JOURNAL.

Nina March 08 2000 (journalists)
2l award LAYOUT inspired by PAINT IT BLACK.

Art March 06 2000 (journalists)
3l award YAWN.

Trevor March 06 2000 (journalists)
2l award A big fan of VIDEO GAMES, we see.

Paul March 06 2000 (journalists)
3l award Why in the WORLD do people think anyone CARES about their LIVES?

Brian February 25 2000 (journalists)
2l award A DIARY of his DREAMS and NIGHTMARES! How ... QUAINT.

Ashly February 25 2000 (journalists)
2l award Thanks for the UPDATE!

Kathy February 25 2000 (journalists)
3l award Another GIRL who can't help but tell us ALL ABOUT HER BORING LIFE.

Catherine February 23 2000 (journalists)
3l award She just discovered SWEARING, apparently.

Natalia February 20 2000 (journalists)
2l award They can't get enough of these DIARIES, we GUESS.

Mary February 16 2000 (journalists)

? February 16 2000 (journalists)
2l award BARF.

Teb, Kara, & Larry February 16 2000 (journalists)
3l award This TRIPLET took MTV'S REAL WORLD a little too SERIOUSLY.

Ashley February 13 2000 (journalists)
1l award Yes, yes, tell us EVERYTHING.

Dennis February 13 2000 (journalists)
3l award Thanks for your life STORY.

Jairus February 10 2000 (journalists)
2l award BORING.

"Junebug" February 09 2000 (journalists)
2l award Hey JUNEBUG, nice DIARY.

John February 09 2000 (journalists)
2l award It's one ONLINE JOURNAL after another.

Justin February 08 2000 (journalists)
2l award Another DIARY GUY.

Keith January 28 2000 (journalists)
2l award Yeah, THAT'S IT -- we need to know all about his INTEREST in RADIO by reading his DIARY.

Lucy January 18 2000 (journalists)
2l award That's what the world needed -- YET ANOTHER JOURNAL.

"Juh-Jenn" December 30 1999 (journalists)
2l award Another DAY, another DIARY.

Carrie December 03 1999 (journalists)
2l award Another one of them JOURNAL GIRLS. Mostly about GETTING PREGNANT, no less.

Carole December 03 1999 (journalists)
2l award Another JOURNAL.

Alex June 09 1999 (journalists)
2l award Not only do we have a JOURNAL, but he refers to himself in the third person.

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