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punks They rebel against authority because they think it's cool. They need to pull their pants up. They wear their hats backwards. They talk like the ghetto even though their parents are well-off. They're punks.

Molly May 11 2003 (punks)
2l award BRAVO. Clap, clap.

Rachel May 11 2003 (punks)
3l award Let's TRY and KEEP UP with her, SHALL we?

Lina May 11 2003 (punks)
3l award PUNKS against WAR? What kind of PUSSY CRAP is THAT?

Krys February 15 2003 (punks)
3l award Two words: NICE HAIR.

Brandon October 07 2002 (punks)
2l award Oh YEAH! Look at him ROCK OUT!

Lauren September 01 2002 (punks)

Ed September 01 2002 (punks)
2l award He GREW UP PUNK.

Holly July 07 2002 (punks)

Leah May 01 2002 (punks)
2l award She's not a LOSER or anything, IS SHE?

Elaine February 06 2002 (punks)
3l award BO-RING.

Rob December 27 2001 (punks)
3l award It's MAD COOL.

Andrew December 07 2001 (punks)
3l award PUNK RAWK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariam December 07 2001 (punks)
3l award Why does EVERYBODY have little ANIME CRAP on their PAGES now?

? December 07 2001 (punks)
2l award We give it a D.

Stevie November 10 2001 (punks)
3l award We can't even give it a FAILING GRADE. It would have get an INCOMPLETE.

Adam October 11 2001 (punks)
2l award BLINK 182, JAPANESE ANIMATION, what MORE could you ASK for?

"Kebz" October 11 2001 (punks)
3l award We really like the HAIR.

Leandria September 06 2001 (punks)
3l award What is it with TORTURED SOULS and ANIME DRAWINGS?

"Aggro" July 05 2001 (punks)
2l award How PUNKY can he be with a LEAPING KITTEN?

Zach June 03 2001 (punks)
3l award It's a STUPID WEB THINGY, all right.

Heather June 03 2001 (punks)
3l award BUM!

? June 03 2001 (punks)
3l award WALL to WALL CRAP.

Kevin May 04 2001 (punks)
2l award It's a ZINE!

Victoria February 18 2001 (punks)
1l award Hey, she ASKED. We HONESTLY couldn't think of anything BAD to say.

? February 18 2001 (punks)

? January 31 2001 (punks)

Ben January 24 2001 (punks)
2l award SKATERS! DUDE!

"Skunk" January 07 2001 (punks)
2l award NO, he's not a LOSER, is he?

Trevor December 28 2000 (punks)
2l award An IMAGINARY FOX?

Hank December 24 2000 (punks)
3l award Let's hear it for COMPLETE, UNADULERATED CRAP.

Brian November 23 2000 (punks)
2l award We color this LAME.

"Stolen Goods" October 22 2000 (punks)
2l award YAY, a PUNK BAND.

Alice October 07 2000 (punks)
3l award What is this girl ON?

David July 30 2000 (punks)
3l award They're West Virginia PUNKS.

Cory July 30 2000 (punks)
2l award Cory's another ANIME FREAK.

Jimi July 20 2000 (punks)
3l award Good LORD.

"Puke Club" July 15 2000 (punks)
3l award The first rule of PUKE CLUB is that you do not talk about PUKE CLUB.

"Skullhead" July 15 2000 (punks)
2l award BLUH DUH FUH

Bort July 08 2000 (punks)
3l award They're in a PUNK BAND.

Alvin July 03 2000 (punks)

? June 12 2000 (punks)
3l award KID, we can't understand a SINGLE WORD you're SAYING.

Jonelin June 01 2000 (punks)
2l award Is there a WARRANTY on this one? ANYTHING?

Sung March 16 2000 (punks)
2l award Yesterday he learned how to SWEAR.

Jeremy March 11 2000 (punks)
3l award When he says SHITTIEST he ain't KIDDIN'.

Rich January 18 2000 (punks)
3l award YAWN.

Amanda January 18 2000 (punks)
2l award You're WHITE, aren't you, kid?

"Mami" December 29 1999 (punks)
2l award Uh oh, GANGSTA GIRL!

Aaron December 19 1999 (punks)
2l award He sure likes to SWEAR and sound TOUGH.

? November 28 1999 (punks)
2l award Oh BOY, it's some ANONYMOUS POTHEAD.

"Villain Thieves" October 26 1999 (punks)
3l award Maybe next time they could pick a name that's EASIER FOR THEM TO SPELL.

Nick October 05 1999 (punks)
3l award They're so COOL with their CIGARETTES.

"lethal50" September 01 1999 (punks)
3l award He likes GUNS. LOTS.

"MiX M@$tA MiKeY" July 14 1999 (punks)
2l award Uh HUH.

Shane July 08 1999 (punks)
3l award Yeah, you're COOL all right.

"Jawn" & "Mykl" July 07 1999 (punks)
2l award Another PAIR who think SPELLING THINGS WRONG is cool.

"supathug" February 21 1999 (punks)
3l award You're ELEVEN aren't you?

"Inu Inu E" October 26 1998 (punks)
3l award Speak ENGLISH already.

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