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players They spend every waking moment in the pursuit of sex. They think they're God's gift to women. And they usually don't get any. They're players.

Jesse February 15 2003 (players)
2l award Is th ANIMATING LIGHTNING in the background supposed to tell us anything about YOUR PROSPECTS?

Lonny Miller February 15 2003 (players)

Allen December 02 2002 (players)
4l award This guy should win an AWARD for his EFFORTS. Oh, wait, he DID.

Paul December 02 2002 (players)
3l award HONK, HONK! In search of CHUBBY CHASERS! Let's GO here PEOPLE, we haven't got all DAY!

"Island" May 13 2002 (players)
3l award He's looking for a GIRLFRIEND and a JOB.

Tristan March 13 2002 (players)
2l award May we suggest ANOTHER reason might be the fact that you'd ACTUALLY put up such a page in the FIRST place?

? February 21 2002 (players)
3l award They describe themselves as TOOLS. It DOESN'T get much BETTER than THAT.

CD January 22 2002 (players)
3l award Yes, he DOES in fact have an EXTENSIVE HISTORY of his LOVE LIFE. The world THANKS him.

? November 10 2001 (players)
3l award HURRAH! A Web site someone put up about his EXGIRLFRIEND who DUMPED HIM! I wonder WHY?

"Sullivan" November 10 2001 (players)
3l award Another WINNER who talks about the GIRL WHO DUMPED HIM in his WEB LOG.

? July 29 2001 (players)
4l award Get a LIFE, kid.

? July 29 2001 (players)
4l award He MASTURBATES WAY too much -- HIS WORDS, not ours.

? July 05 2001 (players)
2l award Okay, this HAS to be a JOKE.

Mark July 05 2001 (players)
4l award We're not quite sure who's the bigger LOSER: The PSYCHO EX-GIRLFRIEND or the MASSIVE DORK who recorded all her PHONE CALLS and made them available on his WEB SITE. YOU be the JUDGE.

Wo-Hen May 13 2001 (players)
4l award Good LORD, it's an Asian MICHAEL JACKSON. Not quite as WHITE, but JUST AS DISTURBING.

Ralph February 05 2001 (players)
3l award We can't IMAGINE why he's not having any LUCK.

Mike January 11 2001 (players)
4l award Mike sure needs SOMETHING. We don't know if it's what HE THINKS, though.

Mike January 11 2001 (players)
1l award He can't BEAT them off with a STICK, we'll bet.

Eric November 23 2000 (players)
3l award His SOON-TO-BE WIFE.

John November 15 2000 (players)

Darren November 08 2000 (players)
2l award GIRLS with GLASSES?

"Hunter" October 07 2000 (players)
2l award We're sure he's got them BEATING down his door.

Martyn September 27 2000 (players)
2l award Um. OKAY.

Mac July 30 2000 (players)
3l award Hmm. That can't be GOOD.

Patrick July 20 2000 (players)
3l award Another WINNER who needs a WIFE. BAD.

Dave July 20 2000 (players)
3l award Yet another LOST CAUSE.

Walter July 08 2000 (players)
3l award His MISSION, apparently, was to GET LAID.

Daniel July 08 2000 (players)
2l award This GUY actually has a LIST of all the GIRLS he's had RELATIONS with! Hurf.

"Jesus" July 03 2000 (players)
4l award JESUS has a PERSONALS AD?

Al June 12 2000 (players)
3l award We especially liked the PAGES of "WOMEN HE LOVES" -- he even includes CARTOON WOMEN. Now THAT'S sad.

"Stovepipe" June 12 2000 (players)

"Mr. Lonely" April 18 2000 (players)
4l award Is he not HOT?

Joerg April 18 2000 (players)
3l award This one's just CREEPY.

? April 07 2000 (players)
4l award WOW. He can't get any DATES, huh? I wonder WHY?

Joerg March 22 2000 (players)
2l award He likes TALL WOMEN. Do THEY like HIM?

"Speed" March 22 2000 (players)

Ross March 16 2000 (players)
3l award Look at this guy GO.

Roger March 09 2000 (players)
2l award He HOPES to SOMEDAY be in a THREESOME.

"Cassanova" March 08 2000 (players)
3l award He wants a WIFE. Really BAD, it looks like.

Rick February 25 2000 (players)

Kevin February 25 2000 (players)

Bob February 17 2000 (players)
3l award Ah, YES. Nothing more of a TURN ON then WHINING about your EX.

"Klaze" February 10 2000 (players)
3l award He AIN'T NO HOMO.

Ripster February 10 2000 (players)
3l award He got CONNED by some CHICK and thinks we would CARE.

Jason February 04 2000 (players)
3l award He's available for SAME-DAY VISITS. Now that's COMEDY.

Kim February 04 2000 (players)
2l award The HOMEY BROS?

Kevin January 23 2000 (players)
1l award Another SHRINE?

Chad December 30 1999 (players)

Joe December 19 1999 (players)
1l award He sure knows how to have PLATONIC relationships with women.

Shane December 19 1999 (players)
2l award He likes to SING and COOK and LAUGH!

Mark December 19 1999 (players)
3l award Uh HUH. YEAH.

Micheal December 14 1999 (players)
3l award Another guy BEGGING for a GIRLFRIEND.

Nate November 28 1999 (players)
3l award Nice list of TURN ONS and TURN OFFS.

"Greek Lover" November 12 1999 (players)
3l award He's a GREEK LOVER. Uh, OKAY ...

Joel November 12 1999 (players)
4l award Sir, please KEEP YOUR PANTS ON.

Nathan October 05 1999 (players)
4l award That's, well, REALLY LAME.

Khash September 29 1999 (players)
4l award Oh, GOOD LORD.

Paul September 29 1999 (players)
3l award He's just a PARTY ANIMAL. Or something.

Mike September 21 1999 (players)
3l award Wow, look at all those PICTURES. PICTURES aren't REAL.

"Marry Me Please" November 12 1998 (players)
3l award Wow, you're PATHETIC.

Rod October 27 1998 (players)
4l award No, no, you're not DESPERATE, are you?

Joseph March 27 1998 (players)
2l award This guy thinks he's just THE SHIT.

Marcus March 09 1998 (players)
2l award As if we didn't already know WEIGHTLIFTING and WAITING BY THE PHONE go hand-in-hand?

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