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goths They wear black. They don't get any sun. They dye their hairs strange colors and get strange piercings. They're really, really angsty. They're retarded. They're goths.

Heather May 11 2003 (goths)
3l award She's GOTH and ANTI-RAP and ANGSTY and likes pictures of BLACK ROSES and ANIMATING PENTAGRAMS.

"Azcra" October 07 2002 (goths)
3l award Yeah, you're REALLY COOL, lady.

Jo September 01 2002 (goths)
3l award A "SK8R GOFIE CHIC"!

Joseph July 07 2002 (goths)
3l award They're HE6LLS6PAW6N. See the 666? Aren't they CLEVER?

Bianca May 13 2002 (goths)
2l award Points for extra use of the word TWITCH.

"Saruh" February 21 2002 (goths)
3l award On a rating from ONE to TEN, we give this a GOTH.

Phil January 22 2002 (goths)
3l award Check out that UPSIDE-DOWN CROSS! Isn't he positively AWESOME?

"Malevolence" December 27 2001 (goths)
3l award She used the phrase "TITS FOR HITS." That demands a certain amount of RESPECT for her CANDOR, we think.

Batty December 17 2001 (goths)
3l award LADY. On behalf of the entire PLANET, we would like to tell you: No one CARES.

Drew December 07 2001 (goths)
4l award QUIET CHAOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How RIDICULOUS.

Ashley October 11 2001 (goths)
4l award Now that logo just says CLASS.

"Levin" September 06 2001 (goths)
3l award ESCAPE to the NEVERSCAPE !!11!11112345678

Jeff September 06 2001 (goths)
3l award KILL YOUR GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a LIFE, bub.

Sarah September 06 2001 (goths)
3l award It's GOTH POETRY. We don't have to SAY another WORD.

? September 06 2001 (goths)
4l award YES, that's RIGHT. SKELETONS giving you the FINGER. That's really CLEVER.

Nadja July 29 2001 (goths)
3l award Got ANKHS?

Malloreigh July 29 2001 (goths)
2l award That is BY FAR the DUMBEST SPELLING of THAT NAME we've ever had the pleasure of SEEING.

Ashley July 21 2001 (goths)

? June 03 2001 (goths)
4l award GOTHS in ASIA. Enough SAID.

Damien May 04 2001 (goths)
3l award BAD, DARK poetry on a DARK, SCARY BACKGROUND.

Lorna April 14 2001 (goths)
3l award Can't any of these FRUITS get CHEERY for once?

"Mercury" April 14 2001 (goths)
2l award She has a DARK SOUL no doubt. Wasn't MERCURY a GUY, anyway?

David April 14 2001 (goths)
2l award HONK. (We like being OPAQUE sometimes.)

"Narnia" January 24 2001 (goths)
3l award You've really got to WONDER about these people.

"Korian" November 23 2000 (goths)

Sara November 12 2000 (goths)
3l award Could these people be any more MELODRAMATIC and SAPPY? Wait, never mind, we guess they COULD ...

? October 23 2000 (goths)
3l award We're thinking TOILET BOWL.

"Jynxx" October 22 2000 (goths)
4l award Man ALIVE. They don't REALIZE how HILARIOUS they are.

Steven October 14 2000 (goths)
2l award He's a TORONTO GOTH!

"Curi" October 02 2000 (goths)
2l award NEED more MAKEUP.

Vlad October 01 2000 (goths)
2l award YAP.

Kelly September 30 2000 (goths)
4l award Wow, something's seriously WRONG with this one.

"Joshwa" August 31 2000 (goths)
3l award WhatEVER, kid.

"Raven" August 31 2000 (goths)
3l award Another RED-AND-BLACK GOTH.

"Archu" July 30 2000 (goths)
3l award What the HELL?

Anthony July 30 2000 (goths)
2l award He loves SATAN.

Ed July 30 2000 (goths)
4l award WOW. That's FRIGHTENING, yet HILARIOUS.

Reneé July 30 2000 (goths)
2l award WONDERFUL.

Boots July 23 2000 (goths)

Chris July 20 2000 (goths)
2l award SAD. Just SAD.

Holly July 20 2000 (goths)
3l award GOTHS are OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia July 19 2000 (goths)
3l award An ANIME GOTH? Is that ALLOWED?

"Scorp-e0" July 19 2000 (goths)
4l award WOW. Just ... WOW.

Charles July 19 2000 (goths)
3l award Looks like CHARLES needs some MEDICATION ...

Angel July 19 2000 (goths)

"Piccolo" July 08 2000 (goths)
2l award It SUCKS, all right.

"Raven Sorrow" July 05 2000 (goths)
3l award RAVEN SORROW ... enough SAID.

Liv July 05 2000 (goths)
3l award VAMPIRE CHURCH! Good LORD, people.

"Lady Vampchik & Lord Shad0wkript" July 03 2000 (goths)
4l award This page is only for REAL GOTHS, FREAKS, and VAMPYRES!

Krissee June 12 2000 (goths)
3l award HAHAHAHA! Phew, that's a GOOD ONE.

"Sinnocence" June 01 2000 (goths)
2l award Another GIRL with a CAMERA and a WEB CAM and an ability to BORE.

Deanna June 01 2000 (goths)
2l award She writes HORROR NOVELS and BLAH.

Dave June 01 2000 (goths)
2l award Gotta love those GOTHS. They're just so ... HUMOROUS.

? June 01 2000 (goths)
3l award BO-RING.

Scar, Slash, & Bone April 18 2000 (goths)

"Mary" April 18 2000 (goths)
2l award Oh, PLEASE.

"Tear" April 07 2000 (goths)
3l award What the HELL?

"Jae" March 16 2000 (goths)
3l award Shut UP.

Megan March 16 2000 (goths)
2l award SNOOZE CITY.

"Leviathan" March 15 2000 (goths)
2l award Just LAME.

Robert February 27 2000 (goths)
3l award Man ALIVE, what is WITH these people?

Fiona February 25 2000 (goths)
2l award Another TERRIBLY DEEP SOUL.

"Hannagh" February 25 2000 (goths)
3l award The DESCRIBE YOURSELF portion is just PRECIOUS.

? February 17 2000 (goths)
4l award What in the world is WRONG with some people?

"Sky" February 10 2000 (goths)
2l award Why don't these people realize just how FUNNY they are?

Mandra February 08 2000 (goths)
2l award Waiter! A CORK, please.

Ariann February 08 2000 (goths)
3l award A HORROR PAGE. Oh BOY.

Ben February 08 2000 (goths)
2l award He sure is a fan of SKELETONS and SPIDERS and CREEPY THINGS.

Christine January 28 2000 (goths)
4l award GROSS.

Cody January 09 2000 (goths)
3l award She's a GLITTER GOTH.

Ben December 26 1999 (goths)
3l award A GOTH with an ONLINE DIARY.

Kristin December 14 1999 (goths)
3l award Yay, another BORING GOTH.

"Puce" November 09 1999 (goths)
1l award Nice PALE SKIN and DARK LIPSTICK.

"Chaotia" October 05 1999 (goths)
2l award They're some kind of BORING VAMPIRES, or something.

"RtchdSoul" September 01 1999 (goths)
2l award What IS it with these people?

"Nikita" September 01 1999 (goths)
3l award He has a MINISTRY. Yeah, RIGHT.

Bo July 24 1999 (goths)
2l award The spinning SKULLS! The dripping BLOOD! PAGAN PURSUITS! All this and a DIVORCE!

Aleister March 18 1999 (goths)
3l award You'd think these people could stop WHINING long enough to TAKE OFF THEIR STUPID MAKEUP.

Fiona March 11 1999 (goths)
4l award Isn't she just SPECIAL?

Heather June 23 1998 (goths)
3l award You get BEAT UP a lot, don't you?

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