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rednecks They think Jeff Foxworthy's same joke, repeated over and over again, is the pinnacle of humor. They like shotguns. They like motorcycles and guns and trucks and whiskey. They're usually missing teeth. They're rednecks.

Debi February 21 2002 (rednecks)
3l award A REDNECK WICCA chick? We didn't think it would be POSSIBLE, but once again NATURE has proven us WRONG ...

Leonard February 06 2002 (rednecks)
3l award He says it's about RAGE, but if you asked US it's about USELESS RANTS.

Richard December 17 2001 (rednecks)
3l award He hunts BUNNIES. Stuffed ANIMALS. YEAH.

? November 10 2001 (rednecks)
4l award SODOMY, INDECENT EXPOSURE, and ILLEGAL PARKING? But he LOOKS like such a NICE guy ...

Matt July 21 2001 (rednecks)
2l award We give it a C.

? July 05 2001 (rednecks)
3l award It's for WHITE TRASH AMERICA, all right.

Jessica May 13 2001 (rednecks)
3l award YEE HAW! ROCK ON!

Jim March 01 2001 (rednecks)
3l award SLEDNECKS. Rednecks on SLEDS. YEAH.

"Davo" December 24 2000 (rednecks)
2l award Okay. It's a page about CAMAROS. We really don't need to go any FURTHER.

Jim December 24 2000 (rednecks)

JB December 17 2000 (rednecks)
2l award Yeah, tell the whole WORLD about it.

Don September 28 2000 (rednecks)
2l award REDNECK REPORTS, eh?

Fred September 27 2000 (rednecks)
2l award He's a FARMER.

Tina July 15 2000 (rednecks)
2l award She SINGS at a WALMART.

Mike July 05 2000 (rednecks)
3l award YAY! Our very first SKINHEAD!

Jenny May 02 2000 (rednecks)
2l award She calls herself "KOWGIRL." We an pretty much STOP right there.

Ron April 07 2000 (rednecks)

Ben February 08 2000 (rednecks)
2l award YEEEEEE HAW!

"Evil Roses" August 08 1999 (rednecks)
2l award The only thing EVIL about you is your WEB PAGE.

James April 13 1999 (rednecks)
2l award YEE HAW IT'S JIM BOB!

Andrew July 20 1998 (rednecks)
1l award Let's hear it for COMBINE HARVESTERS from AUSTRALIA.

Brett October 20 1997 (rednecks)
1l award Hobbies include: target shooting and motorcycles. Need we go on?

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